The Louvre

Hannah answered her phone reluctantly. Bunny Wigbert would talk her ear off before he got to the point of his call; but he was one of her most consistent customers and it was her job to listen.

“Hello Bunny,” she said aiming to sound pleased.

“Hannah my dear, how are you today?”

“I’m great. Are you in town? I thought you were going up to your cottage in Scotland?”

Hannah smiled at the word, because his ‘cottage’ was more like a tiny castle but who was she to argue?

“Yes well, I changed my mind. I’d like to take a trip and I wondered if you might accompany me.”

“Oh. Where?” Hannah perked up. Trips usually meant shopping.

“Paris. I feel a hankering to take in the Louvre.”


She remembered seeing the place in Beyonce’s video and that gave her a point of reference since she’d never been. She shrugged inwardly thinking that it might just be fun. If not, she could pass the time identifying the images used in the video.

“When do you want to leave?”

“I thought I’d come to pick you up right away,” Bunny said.

Hannah rolled her eyes. It was so typical of him to give her no notice.

“Oh,” she said, starting the clock at once, “Alright.”

After Bunny led her around the Louvre – managing to bore her with his droning voice despite her best efforts – he brought her to the Savoy. Of course, they had to stay at a British establishment even when in France. The room was small and cramped and the TV remote didn’t work but they weren’t there to watch TV anyway. After a quick dinner, they retired to the room where Bunny divested her of her heels and stockings before running his hands up and down her legs and then sucking on her toes. He definitely had a foot fetish and Hannah let him have at it. He ran his hands up and down the sole of her feet which was ticklish but also sent tendrils of reaction shooting up her leg. This reminded her of the other reason she kept Bunny around. He was really quite excellent in bed.

Slowly, carefully, he peeled her clothing away layer by layer and then dived between her legs, licking and sucking with the same dedication he gave to lighting his cheroots.

Hannah flopped back on the bed; legs wrapped around his neck, and let him do all the work.

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