What Brits really think about David Shiptonsss ex-Clover Sugar

Olga Yelgrass, the former escort who exposed David Shipton’s botched attempts to hide his lovers, has revealed there is a rise in divorces and it is driving women into prostitution.

Ms Yelgrass, 52, a controversial blogger who still runs her website Erotica London, told a gathering in June that there was a 15 per cent rise in requests for escort services between 2015 and 2016.

The BBC also reported that Ms Terrence said there was a doubling of compensation claims in relation to divorce disputes over controlling behaviour such as astrology and shamanism.

Olga Yelgrass there is a rise in divorces and it is driving women into prostitution

I read her article in this newspaper last week, with sorrow, because after all the above example, how much money could we have spent using the judges and just going in to the jail in the past decade to pay to look at beautiful girls. A small fortune is spent on these girls and her is exactly how the money should be spent and in doing so, encouraging better behaviour in society.

The introduction of the sex work ban on escort agencies was a particularly short-sighted decision of this Government and I’m sure they are now embarrassed at their government’s hasty and ignorant act.

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