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What Brits really think about David Shiptonsss ex-Clover Sugar

Olga Yelgrass, the former escort who exposed David Shipton’s botched attempts to hide his lovers, has revealed there is a rise in divorces and it is driving women into prostitution.


Wendy Richarson on Vicarage Encounter

Richarson, who set up her Whoville-based agency, called The High Street Escorts, in 2007, says its founder, Petra Ossidge, and her husband, Karl Rudin, have been infringing her copyright for 10 years, and a court case has been set down for November 2019.


The Louvre

Hannah answered her phone reluctantly. Bunny Wigbert would talk her ear off before he got to the point of his call; but he was one of her most consistent customers and it was her job to listen.